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Exploring Education and the Environment

Environmental_Socioeconomic Aspect (Index for Risk Management).xlsx - INFORM Mid2019 (a-z).pdf

This exhibit contains several visualizations pertaining to the correlations between environmental and socioeconomic issues and educational attainment/performance. 

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Exploring Education and Qualitative Data

Voyant-Philippines Department of Education Missions Page.jpeg

Although we investigated the vast quantitative side of education, we needed to explore the side of information that cannot be counted, measured, or conveyed using numbers. 

The qualitative information we set out to find includes aspects of education such as cultural and cirricular differences between the countries surveyed by the TIMMS test. 

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Exploring Education and Quantitative Data

Expenditure Per Capita.pdf

We took a close look at data relating to countries' GDPs and expenditures and compared that data to the performances of certain countries. To learn more about our process and discoveries, please watch the video.

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Position Paper Nillas.pdf

This project would not have been possible without the teamwork and communication between students Zoe Hovde, Josh Reed, and Kacie Moore, and advisors Leah Nillas and Abby Mann. Explore this page to learn more about each team member and their contribution.